Hi, I’m Merlyna Valentine and I’m happy to be here to share my story with you. I experienced sepsis as a result of a kidney stone that was misdiagnosed and so, therefore, I am now a quad amputee. I love coming to Prosthetic Solutions, Curt has been an amazing person to work with. When you experience a medical tragedy like I did and you lose all four limbs, you want someone who has as their top motivation to get your quality of life back. That’s what Curt has done for me, he has worked diligently to be sure that I could regain the quality of life that I deserve. One of the things that I was really concerned about as I returned to the workforce is how would I be perceived by others, especially the children in my school. And, so, I was able to get these silicone prosthetic hands which are very, very lifelike and they have truly, truly helped me to regain that quality of life I was looking for. I thank Curt so much for making sure that I was able to... Read More

Merlyna Valentine -

My name is Rhonda Claude from Slidell, Louisiana. I had an ankle fusion and infection set into my leg and I had it amputated. And now I have a prosthesis. It was very painful when the infection set into my leg, the doctors told me I had to have my leg removed. So, I was really upset about it, but I went on and accepted it and now I have a prosthesis and I feel much better with it. I came to Prosthetic Solutions one month ago and I met Mr. Curt Patton, he introduced me to this new prosthesis. I’m so very grateful to have this prosthesis now! I’m learning how to walk a little better every day more and more. It’s taken me out of a lot of pain. I would recommend a prosthesis if you’re going to go through a lot of pain, get a prosthesis. Prosthetic Solutions has changed my life. I’m walking again. I’m glad to have come to Prosthetic I would recommend Prosthetic Solutions to anyone. Curt Patton is a fine dude, very nice person who took... Read More

Rhonda Claude -

Prosthetic Solutions means I have my life back. My name’s CJ Patterson, I lost my leg about 8 years ago in a motorcycle wreck. Prosthetic Solutions really helped me out. The new Soft Socket™ System has put me back on my feet again, got me back on the court and back in the gym. It’s been life changing for me! I go through life every day without pain anymore. You don’t have to be in pain either.

C.J. Patterson -

I’m Ronnie Tenhudfeld, I own a construction company. Curt’s Soft Socket™ System has been a life changing experience. It has given me a whole lot more freedom and mobility. I’m back on the job, I’m able to move and be flexible!

Ronnie Tenhudfeld -

My name is Bleu Cruise, I’m a cook over at the Palace Café. I love Prosthetic Solutions because it’s changed my life. In the restaurant they were amazed at how I came back to working the line and doing prep. This new technology is life changing, I don’t know where I would be without it!

Bleu Cruise -

My name is Patty, I’m a landscaper and that means that I’m all over a yard. With the technology that Curt provides me with, I can do ANYTHING! I’ve even climbed a mountain before! Now, I am the Fleur de Lis amputee!

Patty DeShetler -

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