Rhonda Claude

My name is Rhonda Claude from Slidell, Louisiana. I had an ankle fusion and infection set into my leg and I had it amputated. And now I have a prosthesis. It was very painful when the infection set into my leg, the doctors told me I had to have my leg removed. So, I was really upset about it, but I went on and accepted it and now I have a prosthesis and I feel much better with it. I came to Prosthetic Solutions one month ago and I met Mr. Curt Patton, he introduced me to this new prosthesis. I’m so very grateful to have this prosthesis now! I’m learning how to walk a little better every day more and more. It’s taken me out of a lot of pain. I would recommend a prosthesis if you’re going to go through a lot of pain, get a prosthesis.

Prosthetic Solutions has changed my life. I’m walking again. I’m glad to have come to Prosthetic I would recommend Prosthetic Solutions to anyone. Curt Patton is a fine dude, very nice person who took me out of a lot of pain. Glad to know I’m able to walk again. So, he’s the one who’s making me now stand tall!

Now that I have my new leg I’m able to walk up and down stairs. I’m able to do a lot of chores around the house. I’m also able to do something I thought I would never be able to do and that is to go fishing again! So,

On this specific leg, it’s not as my own leg; but, I love it, because I’m able to walk on it. I’m able to do things that I used to do with it. When I first found out I was going to lose my leg, people said they didn’t think I would be able to accept a prosthetic because it was different from my leg, but I didn’t listen to them. I’m just as normal as the next person with the two regular legs as of now.

I was told when I first had my leg amputated that I would not be walking until Christmas, when I met Curt he said it would be much sooner! Which, it only took him one month to put me into this prosthetic that I’m now walking on. I’m walking so much sooner than anyone thought I would.

Rhonda Claude -

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