Merlyna Valentine

Hi, I’m Merlyna Valentine and I’m happy to be here to share my story with you. I experienced sepsis as a result of a kidney stone that was misdiagnosed and so, therefore, I am now a quad amputee. I love coming to Prosthetic Solutions, Curt has been an amazing person to work with. When you experience a medical tragedy like I did and you lose all four limbs, you want someone who has as their top motivation to get your quality of life back. That’s what Curt has done for me, he has worked diligently to be sure that I could regain the quality of life that I deserve.

One of the things that I was really concerned about as I returned to the workforce is how would I be perceived by others, especially the children in my school. And, so, I was able to get these silicone prosthetic hands which are very, very lifelike and they have truly, truly helped me to regain that quality of life I was looking for. I thank Curt so much for making sure that I was able to get the best when it came to prosthesis.

I would recommend Prosthetic Solutions to anyone in need of a prosthesis, and it is because you will get the kind of service you truly deserve from Curt. He goes above and beyond to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. He listens, he’s attentive and most of all, he will not stop working until he gets you where you need to be, comfortable and out living your life.

I’m thinking back to 2007 when I wondered what life would be like for me as a new quad amputee and not knowing what was ahead of me and how I’m come so far. And that is because of Prosthetic Solutions and Curt. I am able to live my life now, return to my career. Not only did I return as a school principle, but I was promoted to being Executive Director of all of the elementary schools. I was able to Dance back into my building because I was on legs that were comfortable, that worked for me! That definitely helped me to return to what I believe is the best quality of life.

I was able to marry the man of my dreams and not only marry him, but walk down the aisle; which was a goal that I set for myself when this happened, when this tragedy happened to me. I am, also, someone who loves to dance and get out and enjoy life and so I’m able to do all of that.

For my legs, the biggest thing I looked for was comfort, because I will be on my legs probably 12 to 14 hours per day and so you’re looking for something that feels like it’s a part of you. And, what Curt did was he continued to fit and try different things and keep up with technology to be sure that I had legs that not only were comfortable, but functional and that kept me moving at a fast pace throughout my busy day. So, he has really made sure that I am able to get back into the workforce as well as enjoying life.

Merlyna Valentine -

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