WillowWood One


WillowWood One

With its beginnings coming from a grant given by the United States Veterans Administration, the WillowWood One system was developed to address a number of issues that transfemoral amputees often have real difficulty overcoming with other vacuum suspension systems. These include problems like comfort, pistoning, sweat control, reactive to activity levels and helping make a comfortable gait. Through more than two years of testing and development, the WillowWood One was finally revealed, and it more than delivered on all fronts. By testing over forty patients during the 26 month development period, the ultimate result is one that is well suited for transfemoral amputees that run a wide range of activity levels, body types and gait patterns – and they all had wonderful things to say about the end result.

One of the most notable benefits as reported by wearers is that the WillowWood One stays securely in place all day long. They have found that wearing this vacuum socket provides worry-free wear that simply does not need to be adjusted numerous times throughout one’s day, and that is if it even needs to be adjusted at all. Similarly, the vacuum seal holds true all day long, making WillowWood One system socket wearers more confident in their connections and mobility than those of most other vacuum systems.

The WillowWood One system also comes with some excellent additions, including the Alpha SmartTemp Liner and a LimbLogic system. The Alpha SmartTemp Liner is a particularly great inclusion in that it is one of the primary reasons the WillowWood One is unprecedentedly comfortable for transfemoral amputees. This is because it was crafted precisely to keep the wearer from sweating profusely during everyday and active wear, which helps to keep the seal airtight and shift free for such extended periods of time.

When receiving a fitting and ordering the WillowWood One, wearers will visit their prosthetic clinician to undergo diagnostic socket testing, which then gets sent back to WillowWood. From the diagnostic settings, the final and custom crafted socket is crafted and sent back to the clinic so the staff can fully train the wearer on its proper use.

Those interested in learning more about the new WillowWood One vacuum suspension system or to receive a fitting in New Orleans should contact or visit Prosthetic Solutions soon to ensure timely delivery of the personalized socket.

WillowWood One Features

  • Secure connecting socket doesn’t require adjustment throughout the day
  • Designed specifically to address concerns of transfemoral amputees
  • Vacuuming seal holds tight through all manner of activities
  • System includes the popular Alpha SmartTemp Liner
  • Highly comfortable and secure with no sleeves or hoses



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