Soft Socket™


Soft Socket™

Looking to directly address the complaints of many prosthetic limb wearers, we spent years researching and developing a system that would alleviate pressure, make sustained prosthetic wear more comfortable and minimize callous buildup in both above- and below-the-knee prosthetics. We, and the patients who have experienced this new proprietary technology, could not be happier with the prosthesis developed: We are proud to introduce you to the SoftSocket™.

How the SoftSocket™ is Different

Where traditional prosthetic limb systems use various forms of padding and vacuuming, none have ever quite worked so well as the SoftSocket™ to offer benefits in all aspects of prosthetic suspension. Using the natural ambulatory movement of the wearer, the SoftSocket™ pulls air from the socket. This light pulling effect helps address comfort to eliminate fatigue by adding a gentle and reassuring pressure against the soft tissue and fluids of the residual limb.

All of this works together to make a prosthetic socket system that offers greater stability and peace of mind while addressing a number of concerns that only amputees could understand, including:

  • Reduced perspiration in the socket
  • Heightened suspension
  • Better daily volume management
  • ZERO skin breakdown
  • Improved range of motion
  • Unprecedented comfort in prosthetic systems
  • Optimal Balance & Control

Where the SoftSocket™ System really shines is through an increase in proprioception, which is what gives your body a sense of its position through the signals sent to your brain through various nerve endings. The reason this socket works so well to help your body respond to the stimuli in the residual limb is due to all the benefits mentioned above. By eliminating air pockets, reducing perspiration and increasing comfort while implementing a secure f:t between limb and prosthesis, the socket doesn’t slip, slide or shift at any point whether using it for regular or active wear. This makes the sensory signals sent to the brain incredibly more reliable than those of traditional socket systems and has been praised by long-time prosthetic wearers as a true improvement to their quality of life.



No movement in the socket means no skin irritation and no pain.

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