Plié® 3 MPC Knee


Freedom Innovations Plie 3 MPC Knee

In the prosthetics world, there isn’t much in the way of “cool” products available for those who need to wear artificial limbs other than the occasional (and often unaffordable to most people) breakthroughs in technology that makes even non amputees take notice, but the Plie 3 MPC Knee from Freedom Innovations surely breaks through that barrier with extreme utility while being a true eye-catcher – for all the right reasons.

As well-crafted as the Plie 3 MPC Knee is, many have embraced the colorful, changeable faceplates to show the world they’ve nothing to hide – and they don’t. But even beyond the “cool” aesthetic of this knee from Freedom Innovations, the technology behind this prosthetic limb makes it a top choice for K3 and K4 amputees.

Offering some of the most advanced programming for anti-stumble mobility, the Plie 3 MPC Knee offers an enhanced feeling of security and confidence in one’s movements. An additional layer of this security comes from the fact that its response time is 10 to 20 times faster than other MPC knees.

At 2.7 pounds, this prosthetic knee is also incredibly light, which aids in numerous user actions from running and participating in high impact sports to pivoting while making one’s way through rough terrain at variable speeds. When paired with flexion up to 125 degrees and instant cadence response, it’s easy to see how the Plie 3 MPC Knee has become a favorite for active amputees.

Freedom Innovations prosthetic technologies have proven to be far more robust than other limbs, and some incredible feats have been achieved with their products. A shining example of this is Olympic medal winner Amy Purdy, whose name you may recognize from any one of her amazing public displays of incredible athleticism. Not only did she take home bronze in the 2014 Sochi Paralympics for snowboarding, which was the first time the event was ever held, she did so being a double amputee. After achieving much deserved notoriety for her effort, she went on to be one of America’s favorite dancers in Dancing with the Stars where she and partner Derek Hough took home second place. She did all of this wearing different prosthetics from Freedom Innovations for various needs, and did so unflinchingly. While this is only a snippet of Purdy’s long list of achievements, her success in so many fields just goes to show how versatile this manufacturer’s products are.

Regardless, this knee isn’t necessarily a good fit for all who need a prosthetic, and there is certainly an active target user that this one is made for. To find out if the Plie 3 MPC Knee would be a good fit for your lifestyle, we encourage you to contact us to learn what’s best for you.

Freedom Innovations Plie 3 MPC Knee Features

  • Incredibly rugged design built to handle any challenge
  • Can be submerged for 30 minutes in fresh water
  • Enhanced stumble recovery
  • High speed reactions allow for competitive activities



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