Ottobock X3


Ottobock X3

When Ottobock makes the claim that their above-knee prosthetic limb X3 is the most technologically advanced microprocessor-controlled prosthetic leg in the world, they’re not just waxing poetic. The leg is the direct result of an Ottobock and US military collaborative effort to design and build a prosthetic leg that’ll keep up with your lifestyle, whatever that lifestyle might entail. The X3 is even waterproof the point where you could completely submerge it if you wanted to, making it an ideal limb for watersports, boating, showering while standing or any other activity that might cause you to get soaked.

Where the US military comes into play regarding the design and functionality of the X3 from Ottobock has to do with the ruggedness of the leg itself. The X3 is not only built to be sturdy and fully supportive, but the technology has been developed to be able to handle anything that an active duty military member might be confronted with while in the field. This means being able to handle all kinds of terrains, elevation changes and ground softness.

Similarly, and possibly a little surprising, the technology of the X3 that helps keep the wearer’s stride gait natural and the leg moving and landing with reliable precision is the same tech that makes smartphones and the Nintendo Wii™ accurately sensitive to motion by way of an advanced accelerometer and gyroscope. These work in tandem with tactile feedback to allow wearers to undertake movements that most above-the-knee prosthetics can hardly deal with if at all: Walk backwards, run on a whim, traverse obstacles more naturally, climb stairs step-over-step, hike through rough terrain and more, all without the constant nagging worry that you might lose your footing. With its more natural gait, you can concentrate on the surrounding area or a task at hand rather than the limb itself.

Keeping with the idea that the X3 is designed to meet the needs of a service member making his or her way through rough terrain, this Ottobock limb’s operating battery life is an astonishing five days. The X3’s battery longevity, waterproofing and terrain adaptability make it the ideal prosthetic leg for those who don’t want to give up the love of being outdoors because they became an amputee. Fishing, camping, hiking, boating, jet skiing, running and anything in between are possible with the X3.

We’re certified in fittings for the X3 and if you’re interested in the limb, we can set you up with a test – give us a call at (504) 500-1349 and we’ll set up an appointment for you right away.

X3 Features

  • Largest array of physical capability in above-knee prosthetic legs
  • Thorough waterproofing – completely submergible
  • Offers a more natural stride and trip resistance
  • Easily walk backwards
  • Designed to handle rugged terrain and encounters a military member might face
  • Walk2Run automatically switches swing angle per your immediate mobility needs



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