Ottobock Triton Harmony


Ottobock Triton Harmony

The Triton Harmony system from Ottobock gets its name from the great configuration that works between the company’s Triton carbon fiber foot and their Harmony volume management system. These work together to offer the wearer one of the most secure below-the-knee prosthetic systems available today.

Much of the security offered by the Ottobock Triton Harmony system comes from the improved, more natural stride that the prosthetic allows, which is possible due to the elevated vacuum effect of Harmony. Amputees who use the Harmony have consistently rated it among the best prosthetic sockets. They note that the larger contact surface area to help minimize fatigue and pain from pressure points. The Harmony’s polyurethane liner, called the Anatomic 3D PUR liner, aids in weight distribution and makes for the most comfortable connection offered by Ottobock.

Where the Harmony elevated vacuum socket gives exceptional stability and comfort, the Triton carbon fiber foot is designed with a split toe that allows for easy traversing of uneven ground. Three springs help make rollover both look and feel more natural whether walking, running or even playing competitive sports and functional ring helps absorb the bumps and shocks that go along with living an active life. An adjustable heel offers up yet another layer of stability and customization to help closer match the proprioception to that of the original limb and foot.

Being able to support a very active wearer who can weigh up to 330 pounds, the Triton Harmony below-the-knee prosthetic is also substantially sturdier than Ottobock’s microprocessor prosthetics which have weight limits between 275 and 300 pounds. And even with all of the ruggedness and strength of the Triton Harmony prosthetic limb, the system weights less than three pounds total in most cases, and that includes the footshell – materials used in manufacturing are both exceptionally strong and lightweight and include the likes of aluminum and carbon fiber.

While the Triton Harmony system is created for below-knee wear, those interested in using the Harmony socket above the knee can get it as a mechanical P3 pump.

Triton Harmony Features

  • Excellent shock absorption suitable for sports, fast movement and jumping
  • Elevated vacuum helps keep fluids in the residual limb
  • Better fluid flow helps skin in socket stay healthy
  • Provides a natural gait
  • Custom socket uses more connecting surface area, helps fight exhaustion and pain
  • Anatomic 3D PUR socket liner promotes comfortable wear for extended time



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