Ottobock C-Leg


Ottobock C-Leg 4

Constructed with your full stability in mind, the C-Leg 4 from Ottobock is a real game changer for many above-the-knee prosthetic wearers as is proven through the more than 60,000 fittings that the product has enjoyed across the globe. The C-Leg 4 is a wonderful choice in achieving what you really want from a prosthetic limb – being able to move and live your life like you never lost the leg in the first place. And that’s taking into consideration that your everyday life might run the gamut of active outings, uneven surfaces or busy walkways – it can easily help handle them all.

Likewise, where different prosthetics are often changed into depending on the level of activity the wearer might be facing, the C-Leg 4 allows total freedom in the way you live by letting you tackle all of your activities with the assurance it’ll keep up with whatever kind of movement you need. Speed up to your full potential and you’ll feel the difference the Ottobock prosthetic offers, and take full advantage of the Cockpit app for Android devices to change the C-Leg 4’s settings on the fly.

Navigate crowded areas with breeze as the three-dimensional sensors help maintain stability across all kinds of terrain or surface and recover easier from trips with automatic increases to resistance for the support you want the instant you need it. These sensors also come into play when you want to relax hold still for a moment and they’ll dampen the rigidity to a light flex that makes standing more comfortable no matter what kind of surface you’re resting on.

Depending on the kind of life you live and the activities you prefer or rely on, the C-Leg 4 can be attached with numerous feet options, which include the exceptionally well-crafted line of Triton feet. Additional Ottobock feet offer favorites like the Lo Rider, Dynamic Motion, Terion, C-Walk and more.

This all comes together to create a very stable limb that’s lightweight and easy to use. With less than three pounds of weight from the knee joint itself and nearly two full days of continuous use when the battery is charged, there’s no question why the C-Leg 4 has become a community favorite for those needing an above-the-knee prosthetic limb. For more information or to give the C-Leg 4 a test drive, contact us or visit our office and we’d be glad to set you up with a fitting.

C-Leg 4 Features

  • Weatherproof
  • Controllable through Android Cockpit app
  • Easier walking backwards
  • Three-dimensional automated adjustments
  • Reduces falls and stumbles
  • Exceptionally smooth and lightweight



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