Ossur Unity


Ossur Unity

As far as liner technology is concerned, Ossur’s Unity Vacuum System is a sleeveless connector that makes for one of the most stable residual limb connectors ever produced. Where the Unity shines in comparison to a sleeved system is that it is not laden with the sensations and restrictions that are so common with them. Generally, users report a greater feeling of stability and confidence with the Unity over other connecting technologies.

Much of this is due to the sleeveless vacuum suspension created by the Unity, which puts the vacuuming suction at the distal part of the residual limb, which right where it is needed most. This helps normalize volume while simultaneously addressing one of the greatest concerns of any prosthetic knee wearer – whether or not the prosthetic will stay in its correct position over an extended period of time. By having the vacuum hold distally, everything above the suction seal remains completely free from restriction. To further elaborate on this concept, the distal vacuum control actually takes place primarily at the prosthetic foot that helps make the entire limb configuration stable as a whole.

Within the chosen prosthetic foot, there are certain technologies that will be in place when using the Unity system. These include foot attachment with the heel pad supporting the frame, which are fixed together at their connection point near the foot’s middle. The heel pad and blade support work together to pull and expand the pump mechanism membrane between the foot’s two blades. When the membrane expands for any reason, air is pulled from the connecting socket. Check valves near the center of the foot ensure that no air returns to the socket during steps.

The Ossur Unity Vacuum System comes with connectivity to numerous Flex-Foot feet as well as some of the most popular prosthetic knees available, including the remarkably versatile Rheo Knee 3 system. By giving users a diverse choice in available prosthetics, the Unity Vacuum System can support all types of amputees that run a wide range of activity levels. In fact, the Unity’s stability and connection holds so well that it is suitable for even the most extreme of impact levels and can safely support activities like track and field, long-distance running and many competitive sports.

Ossur Unity Features

  • Tri-function valve connects quickly for a strong hold
  • Release occurs in a single push of a button
  • Connects to many different knee and foot systems
  • Does not require a sleeve, which leads to better mobility
  • Works in conjunction with the rest of the limb setup for additional reliability



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