Ossur Rheo Knee 3


Ossur Rheo Knee 3

The Rheo Knee 3 from Ossur is one of only a handful of prosthetic knees that have been designed to offer both the stability and security of lower-activity amputees and the freedom of movement and enhanced momentum of their more active counterparts. As claimed by its manufacturer, Rheo Knee 3 gives its users the most natural knee function available from all processor-controlled prosthetic knees due to constant adaptations and a “perfect balance of stability and dynamics.”

When it comes to the gait cycle of the Rheo Knee 3, no portion of the step nor detail has gone overlooked. From the contact stage to mid stance (when the knee is supporting full body weight), Ossur’s prosthetic gives prime resistance as determined by the wearer’s step cadence and length, which are adjusted on the fly no matter the amputee’s current gait pattern. From there, the late stance until just before the leg swing is an effortless maneuver that even first-time prosthetic users find natural and easy to adapt to. While swinging the leg, the Rheo Knee 3 offers little resistance and responds to speed changes dynamically. Additionally, the limb’s Automatic Stumble Recovery will kick in if needed to reduce falls and substantially build user confidence over a short period of time. And last, but certainly not least, the end of the swing gives the knee ample opportunity to show off the fact that, no matter the current walk speed, there is no unwarranted ground impact as the Rheo Knee 3 provides near-perfect levels of tactile feedback.

When it comes to handling uneven ground, walking up ramps or even using stairs, the user can expect a comfortable step over step stability. The confidence levels build up so well with the Rheo Knee 3 that many users report thinking less and less about the prosthetic in general, which has allowed them to focus on living their lives more so than feeling unable to achieve certain mobility tasks. Whether riding a bike, walking hurriedly, carefully navigating a crowded space or changing direction and gait, the Rheo Knee 3 can handle it all.

Ossur Rheo Knee 3 Features

  • Natural knee function provides variable use
  • Processor adapts instantly to shifts in terrain, slope and speed
  • Ultra stable – confidence levels in the prosthetic rise quickly
  • Perfectly suitable to low- and mid-level activity users
  • Battery life lasts up to three days
  • Can accommodate a user up to 300 pounds
  • Increased comfort reported over most other prosthetic legs



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