Endolite Orion2


Endolite Orion2

One of the premier products from Endolite, the Orion2 adds enhanced security to the wearer through what Endolite calls MI2 or Motion Integrated Intelligence. The Orion2 system offers a hybrid knee control for error-free control, much of which comes from new programming. The onboard microprocessor uses data from a number of sensors and works with pneumatic and hydraulic sensors to provide a uniquely personalized gait pattern.

The Orion2’s programming learns from the wearer and adjusts accordingly, which allows for traversing all kinds of environments from hiking over loose gravel to safely carrying objects up flights of stairs. While the knee’s movements and weight distribution is measured in real time, the Orion2 makes each user’s gait personal and much more natural than previous generations of prosthetic knees. Features like a deep yield, tough shin and overall improved wear characteristics give wearers a peace of mind when taking on mobile tasks.

Current settings on the Orion2 can be monitored via an intuitive interface at the top of the prosthetic which includes two button control and an LED that provides instant color-coded feedback. No matter what your day has in store for you, the Orion2 is ready to help take on the challenge and get you back outdoors and active again. The fixed angle lock can be set at up to 45 degrees to give the best possible angle for the each user, or it can be set per the situation using the minus button at any time. Additionally, a cycling mode is available that allows for free flexing of the knee for any activities like cycling that require that kind of motion.

Suitable for wear with a number of feet, liners and adapters, the Endolite Orion2 provides a truly modular experience to even further personalize the walking experience. Currently, the Elan foot is the most used choice amongst Orion2 prosthetic wearers, but many other options are also available from Endolite. Similarly, while the Endolite Comfort Liner is itself worthy of wear with the Orion2, practically any residual limb liner is compatible with the prosthetic knee.

Envisioned and crafted with the needs of amputees in mind, Endolite has gathered much research and feedback to make Orion2 a sturdy and forgiving choice in prosthetics.

Orion2 Features

  • 130 degree knee flex range
  • Up to 45 degree fixed angle lock
  • Microprocessor adjusts settings automatically for gait or current level of mobility
  • Control and modify settings through Smart Programming or a laptop
  • Only three pounds



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