Endolite Linx


Endolite Linx

The Endolite Linx is the first available lower limb prosthetic system that that fully integrates processor control between the knee and the foot, making for one of the most advanced prosthetics ever constructed. With four microprocessors that work in conjunction with seven sensors, the prosthetic knee and foot provides undeniably comfortable mobility. The security and weight distribution offered by Linx allows users exceptional control in moving body mass over the foot.

The system monitors terrain changes on the fly and adjusts knee stiffness accordingly. Users have reported that the Linx responds immediately to any of their needs, and hip power down slopes is gauged at 8 percent lower than Endolite’s previous models. With an integrated knee and ankle brake system at work, the Endolite Linx is the first situationally aware prosthetic lower leg commercially available not only in New Orleans but the world.

Changing between modes on the Endolite Linx is through a very easy and intuitive pushbutton system. By simply using this system, you will be able to switch between your user defined modes, a free flex cycle mode and fixed angle locking. This means less downtime spent between activities and more time enjoying being active. The programming between the foot and the knee also allow for heightened control between the processors and the hydraulic system, which also lends itself to superior movement over uneven terrain and seamless changes amongst mobility speed.

And when it comes time to slow down and rest up, the Endolite Linx has that covered as well. By helping to control the way one’s body weight is supported during descent into sitting position, the Linx flexes in a way that’s both natural and comfortable. And in crowded spaces, the prosthetic foot will dorsi-flex to tuck away under a chair as to not accidentally trip someone. On the other hand, if you feel like stretching out, the foot flexes out in an inconspicuous way.

What many may find a breath of fresh air concerning the Linx is that it only has one charging connection point for both the foot and knee. While the user may not have to use it very often – one charge will last for three days of continuous use – battery life can extend well beyond that if the prosthetic is turned off when not required.

Endolite Linx Features

  • Situational awareness sensors help support across all terrains
  • Progressive adjusted stiffness means walking requires less effort
  • Dynamic joint alignment makes gait more natural
  • Self-alignment allows for fewer back and body aches
  • Ankle and knee work together to offer full stability and balance



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