Endolite Elan Foot


Endolite Elan (foot)

The Elan foot from Endolite is a microprocessor controlled hydraulic prosthetic foot that offers excellence in support and control. Mobility was at the front and center of the design principles used when developing the Endolite Elan, and this is evident through the technologies behind its assist and brake modes, which have been optimized to conserve the wearer’s energy and provide a mobility that works on a variety of terrains.

When first wearing the Endolite Elan, a user’s natural gait across a number of modes can be calibrated in as few as eight steps each. This is due to the advanced microprocessor in the prosthetic foot that helps adjust on the fly for whatever kind of step the user might be taking. Changes happen in real time for both dorsi- and plantar-flexing to provide security and peace of mind whether walking up or downhill, quickly or at a relaxed pace. When walking normally, the prosthetic foot offers a slight dorsi-flex to ensure the foot clears on each step. Similarly, walking more quickly the Elan gives better momentum when shifting from step to step. And, downhill steps add stability through the Elan’s patented breaking system to control unwanted forward momentum. What this all really means is that the Elan is designed for amputees who travel through uneven terrain often enough to want more confidence on various surfaces including slopes and ramps.

Taking into account that not every movement starts from the standing position, the Endolite Elan was designed with an e-carbon heel somewhat independent of the rest of the system as well as toe springs, both of which act together to improve the forward stepping movement and give an energy return that helps continue one’s mobility.

A favorite amongst Elan wearers is that even though the battery life can take days to drain, the foot is preloaded with the wearer’s preferred settings, which will take over in case the battery ever dies. This makes the Elan exceptional for travel and extended outings away from a reliable place to charge the prosthetic. And charging is as simple as connecting the Elan to a power supply and letting it draw energy for a few hours and one of the few reasons so many have switched from their old prosthetic feet to the Endolite Elan.

Endolite Elan Features

  • Real-time adjustments for assist and braking happen instantly
  • Independent e-carbon heel for augmented standing and forward progression
  • Enhanced responsiveness to uneven and sloping terrain
  • PC and Bluetooth connections available for further personalization
  • Preset resistance levels automatically take over in case of battery loss



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