Alpha SmartTemp Liner


WillowWood Alpha SmartTemp Liner featuring Outlast

Created with the sole intention of offering amputees with the undeniable best in temperature control in liner technology, the WillowWood Alpha SmartTemp Liner far exceeds the heat control of any other liner on the market.

Thanks to breakthroughs in what are called Phase Change Materials (PCMs) in Outlast in conjunction with silicon, the Alpha SmartTemp Liner works by taking any heat energy from the wearer’s socket and storing them for a sustained period of time. What is particularly interesting in the way these PCMs work is that instead of forcing the stored heat back into the socket and created an uncomfortable mess of a sweaty situation, they simply “fill up” and make the liner then act just like any other prosthetic liner.

When the wearer’s body cools naturally during periods of rest or particularly low activity, the PCMs will begin to release energy by way of temperature regulation, allowing the wearer to never experience any spike in temperature whatsoever. However, to hurry the reset of the Alpha SmartTemp Liner’s PCMs to their former energy-storing potential, the user will simply have to remove the liner from his or her residual limb and place it in a cool place for a handful of hours, with an air conditioned space being preferable to any other location.

Nevertheless, it can take hours or even the full day for an amputee to create enough heat energy to require resetting the PCMs, especially for those days the wearer only participates in light or moderate activity levels. And since there are no real negative effects associated with prolonged wear after the PCMs have stored their maximum amount of energy, the wearer is not actually required to remove the liner as it really is up to her or his discretion when it should be taken off. This is a particularly useful trait for those who might work long days or are otherwise uncomfortable taking off a prosthetic anywhere other than in the privacy offered by being at home.

To make the Alpha SmartTemp Liner even more comfortable, the Select fabric used in construction is a one-way stretching material that aids in controlling pistoning and makes donning and taking off of the liner relatively easy.

WillowWood Alpha SmartTemp Liner Features

  • Superior temperature control for all day comfort
  • Reduces chafing during long periods of wear by delaying sweat
  • Outlast liner technology stores unwanted heat energy
  • Available for transtibial and transfemoral amputees



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